Tech X The City UK Launch

It was good to see so many members on Monday morning, 10 April, in attendance of the last leg of our promotion of Tech X The City report and its official launch in the UK.

An insightful summary of the research was presented by two of the report’s lead authors from Cushman & Wakefield: Juliette Morgan, International Partner and Head of the Futures Group and Elaine Rossall, Head of Central London Research.

The seminar was then led byDavid Ainsworth, Vice President of the CPA, who moderated a lively discussion covering the wider issues of Tech in the Square Mile. He was joined by Juliette; Nick Wright, Head of Business Development: Real Estate at KPMG UK; and Savannah de Savary, Founder and CEO at Built-ID.

The panel then opened up to the floor for questions. The discussion delved further into the details of the research, as well as highlighting examples of how the City is looking to attract a younger more agile workforce to re-locate to the Square Mile, and what more could be done to support the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Far more fundamental services are required as well, such as good wi-fi for seamless work between the office and public space as well as ‘thinking space’ to get away from the work area. It was put forward that the City has a great many quiet retreats, but needs to make sure people know they are available. As an addition to this point the long held belief that place making is a key factor to new development and helps draw in new workers was echoed by all.

The panel then opened up to the floor and answered questions that delved further into the research as well as highlighting upcoming examples of how the City is looking at new ways of encouraging a younger more agile workforce to locate to the City of London.

For more information on the report click here and download it here