Post Election Market Analysis: Brexit and the City – One Year On

This morning we were pleased to hear from an expert panel on the state of the City property market, following a period of political uncertainty: ‘one year on’ from Britain’s EU referendum, and the fallout from the snap General Election.

The event began with a political round-up by Alex Deane, Head of Public Affairs at FTI. Alex provided an insightful overview of the General Election results, what a hung parliament means for business, and the priorities of the Brexit negotiating team.

Abby Brown, City Leasing Partner at Knight Frank, walked the audience through the past year of the City market. She explained how the property sector has had its ups and downs, but the Square Mile was not as badly affected by the vote to the leave the EU as some had predicted – largely thanks to the strength of the tech and creative sectors’ demand for office space.

Following these presentations, Guy Montague-Jones, Associate Editor at Property Week, took to the podium to Chair the panel discussion. Alex and Abby were joined by Sir Michael Bear, Alderman and former Lord Mayor of the City of London along with Mark Ridley, CPA President and Commercial Director at Stanhope.

Optimism for a healthy post-Brexit Square Mile was highlighted by Sir Michael, who discussed the City’s strength as a global centre for commerce and the its long history of evolution and adapting to market trends. Mark provided a developer’s view on the past year, saying the City market is still buoyant, but the area must do more to improve its image to the younger, tech savvy workers.