Overview: CPA Annual Lunch 2017

City Property Association’s Annual Lunch took place in the Guildhall’s Great Hall on Thursday 23 March 2017, with a keynote speech from BBC Radio 4 Today programme presenter Justin Webb.

Our largest event of the year was attended by over 600 professionals from the City of London’s real estate industry reflecting on the contribution we have made to Central London’s built environment and economic prosperity over the past year.

Our guest speaker this year was Radio 4 presenter of the Today programme, Justin Webb, who thankfully filled in for the scheduled speaker John Peinaar, who unfortunately was called away due to the tragic events in Westminster the previous day. Justin gave us a fantastic insight into the inner workings of the White House and UK/US relations. Importantly highlighting the divisions between the countryside and the cities across the USA. Using the US example as a parallel between London and the UK regions, suggesting collaboration is the way forward, otherwise dangerous political, as well as, social rifts will form.

President Mark Ridley opened proceedings by welcoming all members and celebrating the long term working relationship the City of London Corporation and the CPA have had for over a century. He illustrated this point by highlighting the Corporation elections taking place concurrently with the lunch. Mark expressed that no matter who is elected as Chairman of the Planning and Resources Committee, the CPA will work them in a spirit of cooperation as they always have done.

The speech was also an opportunity for the President to remind members of our successful campaigns and publications throughout the year. Notably the ‘Manifesto for Growth: Post Brexit’, which has 5 key pillars for how the industry can help the UK to grown after it has left the EU. More recent publications such as out ‘Tech X the City’ were also highlighted as a key paper for suggesting how the City needs to adapt to help accommodate a growing number of Tech start ups. Mark went on to point out a longer term campaign, supported by the CPA, ONECITY, which is a digital platform to promote the City as a centre for culture and leisure and encouraged all members to get involved.

Our 2017 Annual Lunch at the Great Hall of the Guildhall was a great success and most importantly very much enjoyed by all those who attended. We thank you for attending and look forward to seeing you at the Lunch next year.

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