History of CPA

The City Property Association was founded in 1904 and was known as the Associated Owners of City Property until 1991. The First President was Henry Hucks Gibbs, 1st Baron of Aldenham (1819-1907). Prior to his Presidency of the Association he was MP for the City of London and Governor of the Bank of England. The Vice President of the Association during its founding was Baron Avebury (1834 -1913), he had served as an MP and was the first President of the Institute of Bankers, but his lasting legacy is the introduction of bank holidays.


The First Chairman was Sir George Woodman (1847 -1915). While serving as Chairman Sir George was also the Sheriff of the City of London, his position was similar to that of the current Executive Director as he dealt with the day to day running of the Association. The position of Chairman lapsed and the President is now the only senior office bearer.

Its founders considered that property issues in the City of London were distinct from those which affected the property ownership generally.  In 1991, the Association took the step of widening its scope from an original body of owners alone to a body also representing occupiers and advisers.

     Lord Aldenham no text                     Sir George Woodman

First President of the CPA Baron Aldenham (left) and first Chairman Sir George Woodman (right)

An early history of the City Property Association can be found here, this document was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the CPA in 2004.

Recent Past Presidents

Years                 Name Company
2016 – 2018      Mark Ridley Stanhope
2014 – 2016      Robert Samuel British Land
2012 – 2014      Ann Minogue Macfarlanes / Ashurst
2010 – 2012      Anthony Furlong Sheppard Robson
2008 – 2010      Bill Gloyn JLT
2006 – 2008      Mike Hussey Land Securities
2004 – 2006      Peter Cole Hammerson
2002 – 2004      Roger Reeves Pricewaterhouse Coopers
2000 – 2002      Michael Griffiths Land Securities
1998 – 2000      Keith Way DTZ
1996 – 1998      Diana Courtney Denton Hall