Developing a Global Financial Centre for Social Impact Investment Report

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Social impact investment (SII) is a growing market. While most of this growth has been domestically-focussed, the SII market now appears to be reaching a level of maturity, with the potential to progress to a more global market. Research by JP Morgan and GIIN estimated a total global market value in surplus of $12bn in 2015 with significant growth potential.

Developing a global financial centre for social impact investment takes a forward-look and explores what measures leading financial centres in this field – such as London, New York and Luxembourg – might take to support and enable such global growth.

The research develops a three-stage model of development for a global financial centre, with particular consideration of London’s current position. The research finds that London is seen as a strong national financial centre for SII, specifically in terms of its financial markets and regulatory, policy and legal environment, and has potential to become a global financial centre for SII. However to do so London also needs to address a number of aspects including accreditation models, enabling greater retail investment, and technical assistance models.

Developing a global financial centre for social impact investment was commissioned by the City of London Corporation and produced by PwC.