CPA Response – City for All Londoners

City Property Association and Westminster Property Association have responded to the “A City for all Londoners” consultation document.

To view a copy of CWPA’s response please click here.

In broad terms, WPA and CPA support:

1. Putting London at the heart of the Brexit negotiations to ensure that its interests are understood, accepted and promoted by the UK negotiating teams;

2. Investing in world class infrastructure and creating a healthy environment for residents, employees and visitors;

3. Providing the homes that London needs and the modern workspaces for its businesses along with the transport infrastructure to link them together;

4. Providing the skills needed to build London and to attract and grow businesses; and

5. Providing greater autonomy and wider responsibilities to the Mayor and the boroughs to enable them to make the decisions needed to ensure London’s future growth and success, including ensuring that the business rate system does not unduly penalise London businesses